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Lamu Dhow Trips & Excursions

Most dhows have cooler boxes which can be availed on request to keep your drinks cold during the trip

Fishing & Barbeque

Leaving in the morning after breakfast for a half day sailing, fishing and swimming at Manda beach. Most tourist prefer fishing along the Takwa channel because it is calm and relaxing but you can ask the captain to take you to the open sea where fish is plenty but a little bit rough for those who are not used to the sea. Fishing happen for about 2 hrs and then you have the rest of the time to swim and explore the Manda beach. On board the dhow is equipped with fishing lines, bait, fruits and lunch. Barbeque is done in the dhow while you swim and you have a choice to eat either from the dhow or on the sand at the beach.

Our traditional barbeque lunch is “Catch of the day, Chapati or rice, vegetable salad and fresh fruits”. No drinks are included. A good opportunity to eat fresh sea food direct from the sea.

9:00 – 2:30 PM

1. 2 People KES 8000
2. 3 People KES 8500
3. 4 People KES 9500
4. 5 People KES 11000

Deep Sea Fishing with Little Toot

Snorkeling At The Reef

There are two famous reefs around Lamu namely Kinyika and Manda toto. Most Captains prefer Manda toto because the reef is within the Manda – Pate channel which makes the sea calm with just small waves. To Kinyika the trip is long and relies on wind and water visibility. Also you may be opt to leave earlier than scheduled so that you can get to the reef during low tides. Note: You are going to the open sea, if this is your first time experience you might get sea sick. Ask the Captain for help. Lunch is included but snorkeling equipments are not included in the cost of the trip. You can bring your own or hire locally. We limit the number of people to 5 because of space in the dhow. You may want to stretch and get some sun tan. There is a choice of Speed boat on request. Bring

8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

1. 2 People KES 12000
2. 3 People KES 13500
3. 4 People KES 15000
4. 5 People KES 16500

Lamu Island safari

Lamu island is 14 Kms in diameter. Sailing from Lamu or Shela along the Lamu – Mainland channel, stopover for lunch at Kipungani beach before sailing back to Lamu through the Indian ocean. The dhow Crew will make a nice shed to protect you from direct sun. Lunch is included in the cost.

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

1. 2 People KES 14000
2. 3 People KES 15000
3. 4 People KES 16000
4. 5 People KES 17000
5. 6 People KES 18000

Sunset Cruise

This is sailing using the wind which is totally relaxing and romantic. Explore the mangrove bushes and different types of birds from the dhow, see a clear view of Shela village and Lamu town from the Takwa channel. Total peace of mind is guaranteed

5:00 PM – 6:30 PM

1. 2 People KES 4000
2. 3 People KES 4000
3. 4 People KES 4500
4. 5 People KES 5500
5. 6 People KES 5500
6. 7 People KES 6000
7. 8 People KES 7000
8. 9 People KES 7000
9. 10 People KES 7000

The Monkey Bar

This trip is designed to serve as a Mobile evening bar. It is the same as Sunset Cruise but this has music in it either stereo or a traditional Jembe (local boys singing and dancing with drums). Peace of mind is not guaranteed. Our stereo system works with iPod. Bring your iPod and be the DJ to entertain your friends. Otherwise enjoy our programmed local flavas and other playlists. The client has the choice to decide which one to be used. Drinks and snacks are not included in the cost

5:00 PM – 6:30 PM

1. 2 People KES 8000
2. 3 People KES 8000
3. 4 People KES 8500
4. 5 People KES 9000
5. 6 People KES 9500
6. 7 People KES 10500
7. 8 People KES 10500
8. 9 People KES 10500
9. 10 People KES 10500

Sailing with the Moon & Stars

A good trip for honeymooners and a group of friends who want to spend sometime in the dhow sailing and watching the sky with beautiful stars. We can include a bottle of wine or champagne in your bill on request. Trip takes 11/2hours. Clients to fix the time on confirmation which is between 7:00PM – 10:00PM

1. 2 People KES 5000
2. 3 People KES 5500
3. 4 People KES 6000
4. 5 People KES 6500
5. 6 People KES 7000
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