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Here Is Where You Can Eat In Lamu

Restaurants Accepting Credit Card & Visa

  • Peponi Bar & Restaurant (Shela)
  • Lamu Palace Bar & Restaurant (Lamu town)
  • Moonrise Bar & Restaurant (Lamu town)
  • Kijani Restaurant (Shela)
  • Baracuda Restaurant (Shela)
  • Baitil Aman (Shela)
  • Jannat Restaurant (Lamu town)
  • Stone house Restaurant (Lamu town)
  • Fatuma’s Tower Restaurant (Shela)

Restaurants serving Alcohol

  • Peponi Bar & Restaurant (Shela)
  • Lamu Palace Bar & Restaurant (Lamu town)
  • Moonrise Bar & Restaurant (Lamu town)
  • Jannat Bar & Restaurant (Lamu town)
  • Diamond Bar & Restaurant (Manda)
  • Kijani Restaurant (Shela)
  • Fatuma’s Tower Restaurant (Lamu town)

You should expect to spend between KES 1000 – 2000 for a good meal per person.

Non Alcoholic Restaurants.

  • Hapa Hapa Restaurant (Lamu town)
  • Bush Gardens Restaurant (Lamu town)
  • SeaFront Restaurant (Lamu town)
  • Olympic (Lamu town) ask for “Cold Tea
  • Msafini Restaurant (Shela)
  • Sunsail Restaurant (Lamu town)
  • Baracuda Restaurant (Shela)
  • Stop Over Restaurant (Shela)
  • Bahari Restaurant (Shela)
  • Kisiwani Restaurant (Shela)
  • Janataan Restaurant (Shela)
  • Stone House Restaurant (Lamu Town)
  • Sabrina’s Restaurant (Shela)

Expect to spend Ksh 300/- to Ksh 1000/- for a meal depending on what you want.

Local Dish Restaurants

  • New Star Restaurant (Lamu town)
  • Mangroove Restaurant (Lamu town)
  • Rangaleni (Shela)
  • Mahrus Toproof Restaurant (Lamu town)
  • Labanda Restaurant (Lamu town)
  • Betty’s Cafe (Shela)

You might have to share your table with other people you probable don’t know. Meal cost between Ksh 100/- to Ksh 200/- per person

Swahili Traditional Restaurants

Baitil Aman (Shela) eating from the floor while seated on cursions with the open sky.

Ali Samosa (Shela) Home made food prepared by Ali’s wife.

“No alcohol”. Expect to spend between Ksh 2000/- to Ksh 2500/- a meal per person.

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